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Thanks for visiting Little Flutters! It’s a mix of my writing, mainly about my travels and life from August 2008 – October 2012. Fun times!

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I love hanging out with people I adore. But I prefer being silent, introspective, alone.

I feel like I get more things done, I’m more creative and original.

I inhabit my own being.

I’m realising that one weakness of mine is I’m too empathetic. I want to please. My aim is to help. Sometimes (often) at my detriment.

But I’m learning to stand my own ground. Feel strong within my roots.

Work from a place of strength.

Say No.

Find (and stay) in peace.

Changing opinions

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There are so many things that I loved five years ago that I can’t stand now.

I tried reading the sequel to Fear of Flying, a novel that I adored, and I found the sequel whiny and self-indulgent. Yes, there was a woman masturbating in the first couple of pages. No, it’s not as good a read as you think it would be. She was bored. I was bored.

The 90’s film Reality Bites had a convoluted plot: Winona Ryder’s character makes a documentary about her friends and gets upset when MTV edits it down to banal drool. Rather than demand a better edit, she storms out and breaks up her with her sweet, successful, normal boyfriend. She runs into the arms of a dropkick friend that occasionally treats her like shit and they move in together. Take that Corporate America! The end. Note: the soundtrack is still really good.

I loathed re-visiting these books and films.

I guess this means I’m happier. I expect better things from myself and others. I’m more aware that as a documentary maker, you have a say and can change things. Same thing applies for sex: have a say, change things. It’s progress.

Do you have films, books and music that you loved but abhor now?

Parsley Garlic Dressing

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This is a simple, whiz bang, no chopping parsley garlic dressing.

If I’m going through all the effort of making a salad, I want to be rewarded with something yummy.

This will yield about 3/4 cup of dressing.

Parsley and Garlic are anti-inflammatory, which means they fight cancer, gets rid of aches and pains and reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer’s Disease. Canola Oil is high in Omega 3. More on that in a later post.

Parsley Garlic Dressing


1/2 cup canola oil
2 handfuls of washed parsley
Two small cloves garlic, peeled
Pinch of salt
Dash of cayenne pepper


Mix everything in a blender on high for ten seconds. If desired consistency is reached, stop. If not, continue blending.

This is largely dependent on the strength of your blender. For example, a Vitamix would have this ready in three seconds. A standard blender might take a bit longer.

Store in your fridge for a week and pour over anything. I’m going to have this with chilli con carne tonight.


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Thanks so much for entering the Run Wild Creative competition.

The winners are:

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I’ll be emailing everyone to get your addresses.


The most exciting project of my life and a give away!

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vivid light festival-490027439320120001

Thank you so much for being a Little Flutters reader. It warms my heart to know that you think I’m interesting enough to spend time with when your time is so precious. Lots of love is being sent your way.

I’ve been working on a winner of a new project and to celebrate, I’m going to be giving away gift packs to five readers!

The gift packs will include 5 postcards with feel-good images on them, blank stationary to fill with your dreams and some other goodies that will rock your socks off.

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to: Run Wild Creative

Run Wild Creative is a hub for how to get more creativity into your life. It includes interviews with interesting people on top of their game, creativity tips, multimedia content and a podcast in the making.

The winners will be announced on Little Flutters next week and be contacted by email.

Little Flutters will continue as per usual.

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A very short poem about how I feel right now:


I have the perfect collection of coffee table books

typography, photography, psychology

now all I need to find is the coffee table

and even, perhaps, just maybe, a home.

The Feminine and I

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I need more feminine in my life. I just came back from a kitchen tea, which I recently found out is a bachelorette party where you buy kitchen items for the bride and drink tea.

I was resistant to the event. My track record with women-only meetings haven’t been the greatest.

At first I went on auto-pilot. I wanted to hide in the bathroom for the majority of the event, which is, if I’m frank, my default in an awkward social situation.

Everything was twinkling, tinkling, sparkling pink, beautifully coifed hair and sunset views of Sydney. It was too perfect. What if I made a sex joke? (Again, another default)

Half way through my version of hell, the sister of the bride gave a speech. She thanked everyone for coming and said

“As women, it’s such a rarity that we can come together to celebrate and support each other.”

A switch went out in my head.

I’m a proclaimed feminist and yet I was being sexist.

I had stereotyped these women as being defined by their motherhood. I let it go and started seeing them as people.

Granted, there was a lot of children and baby talk. But once I allowed myself to see past that, we started talking about our careers, our goals. Our love of salad bowls. It all mixed into this balanced, strong female energy. Something I had previously thought impossible. Independence. Balance. Passion.

The thing is, it’s probably been there all along. I’ve talked to these women for years. But it was the first time I saw them as people. And I’m grateful. It fills me with hope about my place in the world.

Kona, Hawaii, © Tash Keuneman

Kona, Hawaii, © Tash Keuneman