Insecurities? Bam! Gone!

October 17th, 2008 § 1 comment

I find the more I sit completely still, the more insecurities creep into my brain. Am I doing enough for my career, should I swim more often, am I eating healthy? It’s ridiculous. No inner peace for this lady. I had a bout of jetlag-induced insomnia which caused more than usual internal scruitnizing this week. That was until I read this. I printed Gala Darling’s “A reminder” and had it on my bedside until the insecurity turned into inspiration.

Using InDesign, I laid out Gala’s words against a picture I took of Aphrodite (or Venus, which ever name you prefer). All of the Aphrodite statues that I saw were voluptuous, strong and even when they had their arms and torso lopped off, their faces looked like she was in control.

I wasn’t going to put this poster on Little Flutters but then I had a conversation with my drop-dead gorgeous younger sister about how she thought her body wasn’t ideal (when it is, I’ve seen her) so I figured everyone needed a little boost no matter their circumstance.

Print this out, paste it up, pass it on, link to it. Share the love.


P.S Here’s Gala’s blog.


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  • Gem says:

    Gala is a truly inspiration girl :) i’ve been following her blog for about a year now. she’s amazing!

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