Oh My Goth! Pictures of a woman.

October 15th, 2008 § 4 comments

Brighten your day with a couple of black jewels.

One of my closest friends dared to get in front of my camera. The beautiful Ratty Batty works at an alternative music shop in the heart of Sydney and is training to be a florist. The lilac was a leftover from her class that was starting to wilt. How suitably goth.

Scroll down to see her wicked calf tattoos. Let me know what you think.

I love these.


§ 4 Responses to Oh My Goth! Pictures of a woman."

  • Oh amor, I'm glad to see you upright and looking gorgeous in that beautiful bright maxi. Your garden is looking so green and lush. Tell us more about the CAKE! Hope you continue to get better and better – thinking of you!! Love you more than maxis! Sarah xxx

  • tak dpt straight A’s tak bermaksud musnah masa depan yer dik.. A B C tu hanya pd kertas. rmai yg cemerlang SPM bila dh masuk u tak kemana juga. ada yg dpt cukup2 mkn tp berjaya mencipta kejayaan dgn cara yg tersendiri.think out of the box, please.Well-loved.

  • Latrice says:

    Sorry, that’s Amazon. We allow them to put advertising on our site. I guess they are not keeping it in sync with real prices. Kind of like the grocery store: one price on the shelf, another at the checkout. I had not had that experience with them. So sorry it happened to you. Very dioippsintang!

  • Gem says:

    beautiful photos. i love the first one in particular. and those calf tattoos are AWESOME! 😀

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