Oprah in the first (and worst) Photoshopping experience

October 29th, 2008 § 5 comments

I may have come across the earliest attempt to beautify someone by gross manipulation. In 1989 the magazine TV Guide was doing a front page article on Oprah, then the possible richest woman on earth, now a demi-God in many people’s eyes. The illustrator based the cartoon on Ann-Margret Ollson’s body from a picture dating 1979. The details included the same dress and jewelery.

alt textOprah on the TV Guide cover
alt textAnn-Margaret in 1979

Like most magazines today, TV Guide didn’t even point out the cut-and-paste job until they were outed by the designer of Ann-Margret’s dress. The illustrator was told firmly not to copy photos so literally. Oprah’s publicist stated ““Oprah would not pose on a pile of money like that nor would she pose in that revealing a dress.” I don’t know what’s more depressing. The fact that they were doing this in 1989, so soon after the feminist movement, or the fact that this is common practice now.

I hate photoshopping out imperfections. It’s what makes us human, tells something of our character. Scars whisper stories of our past, even cellulite has a story. One of my favourite things about my love is the faint lines around his eyes when he smiles. I love finding out the story behind each scar. If I see someone who has frown wrinkles around their mouth or forehead, I stay way away from them cause experience tells me their grumpy motherfuckers.

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  • Carm says:

    That was great. lol… Oprah does look so cutesie and cartoonish here 😉 Sure is depressing that it’s routine now! I agree.. lines tell a story and I’m also hesitant about people with frown lines… I hope I have smile and laughter lines when I’m old so although wrinkly it will be a pleasant map and not an obvious display of bitterness!!

  • Em says:

    Ahahahahha, i love it! Her head is way too big for that body!

  • Gem says:

    BAHAHAHAAA… that photoshop job is fucking hilarious 😀

  • I´ve been having a look around your site. Interesting reading, smooth style, eye catching photography.

    Thanks for stopping by at my place. :)

  • Vicki says:

    That’s absolutely insane!

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