Instant Polaroid Pleasure

November 1st, 2008 § 4 comments

The American Polaroid company declared that they’ve stopped manufacturing cameras and films and are expected to run out in 2009. Oh no! I am in love with Polaroids but buying a camera and film is so bloody expensive compared to the magic of digital point and shoot.

My impersonation of Rosie the Riveter for Halloween 08

But wait, it’s not the end of the world. There is a solution. And it’s free and fun.

I’ve been going trigger happy with a Polaroid program that allows you to drag your photos onto a Polaroid camera on your screen and wait for them to upload. This automatically creates different polaroid effects for your photo and saves it into your Pictures file. The cool thing is, if you shake the processing picture all over your desktop, it takes less time.

I think this works only for macs which could be a bit of a whinge for some people.

You can download the Polaroid Creating Magic Machine and have a go at it!

While I was going Polaroid happy, I found this awesome art/sociology/psychology exhibition. The creators Nicole Kenney and Ks Rives travel the States and take pictures of people while they’re answering the question “What do you want to do before you die?”.

I’ve included an interesting theory that the two women had about making a verbal contract with someone:

“Safety contracts are a common tool used by psychologists when treating suicidal patients. When psychologists find someone to be suicidal, if they ask them to give their word that they will not harm them self until help comes, often times the potential victim will choose to remain alive based on this promise. Likewise, the best thing a layperson can do if they find someone to be suicidal is to ask that person to promise not to harm themselves until professional help comes. That human connection of making a promise to someone and understanding that someone cares, notices, and expects something is motivation to stay safe. Although that is an extreme example, we are hoping that Before I die I want to… will work in the same way. By asking people to state out loud/write down something they want to do before they die and to be aware we will be checking up on them in a number of years, we believe that this will add significantly to their motivation to accomplish their goal. The added fact that the photos and statements will be published online and in print will urge people to fulfill their desires.”

A busker’s guitar at Strawberry Fields in New York.

This idea is brilliant. Everyone should make promises more often. Have a look at their online exhibition. Some of my faves include “Before I die I want to continue doing the wonderful things I’ve done with the amazing people in my life” and “I’m ok with what has happened so far”.

Send me links to all of your polaroid images and any good instant photo memories.

Later crazy cats!

P.S The Polaroid Project has now made the application for both PCs and Macs. Yipee! Find it here.

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