Three things I love

January 28th, 2009 § 0 comments

One: Finding ironic typos.What’s my talent? Smugness, I believe.

Two: Snow! The final reward of moving from Sydney, Australia to Washington D.C. It was the first time in my whole, entire life that I saw snow falling and it was magical. I went out and took photos of the most mundane things possible, leaves, concrete footpaths, roof tops glistening in snow. Best time ever. This brings me to the second thing I love. Taking ironic photos.

Three: Exercising. It’s odd. It took so, so much motivation to physically get to the gym even though it’s less than a block away and now I’m beyond glad that I made the effort. Getting dressed in sports gear, stepping out into the cold, screw that, I thought. I bought a Yoga DVD, I tried running on the spot in my lounge but nothing really beats a group environment. If you turn up to a class, you’re staying there even though it’s like the ninth circle of hell because you would be deemed a loser if you walked out. Especially my classes, where the general population is over 40. My assumptions about older people get dashed to the floor as these women run circles around me.

It’s a lot easier to turn off a DVD or go back to the warmth of a Macbook against your lap than it is to excuse yourself from an instructor. I’ve been hitting the gym for at least an hour a day and I’m loving it. The endorphins have me floating home afterwards and it makes job hunting seem almost fun.

Quickly, rattle off three things that improved your day.

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