A cry for help!

August 11th, 2009 § 4 comments

Why the long break? Well, I got me a 9 to 5 job. And it turns out that my recipe repertoire is totally unprepared.

Gone is the luxury of a meal that took an hour and a half to cook. Instead, I’m all flustered and tired when I get home and the Mexican take out across the road calls my name a little too loudly.

Sorry for the absence. This is a cry for help. I’m sure that many people, including yourself, has faced this exact issue of nutritional, tasty food vs. time. So what gets you through the work week? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share on the uninitiated?

Please send anything you’ve got to tash[at]littleflutters[dot]com.

Recipes will be featured on this blog.

Love! Tash

§ 4 Responses to A cry for help!"

  • Logan says:

    We want recipes plskthnxbai

  • Tash says:

    Thanks Kim! I’m dying to know how you add veg/fruit juice to your mac and cheese.

  • O and congrats on the job!

  • I’ve never been one to cook up big nutritional meals, but in order to get some nutrition into our diets we keep frozen vegetables and vege/fruit juice on hand.
    The frozen veges can easily be added to dishes, and while they’re not quite as good as fresh they’re better than nothing. And it’s better than having fresh veges sitin your fridge going rotten week after week.

    The vege/fruit juice is a great way to get some of your 5+ a day when you decide to have macaroni cheese for dinner.

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