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© Denzil Jayasinghe

© Denzil Jayasinghe

Consistency, the last refuge of the unimaginative according to my idol Oscar Wilde.

Up until six months ago, this was my mantra. I think my career projected this: I now have a passionate appreciation of timber furniture and can use subversion in a pinch. But I’m now beginning to doubt this famous saying (isn’t every Oscar Wilde line famous?)

In an environment where you can’t control the people you deal with, which I suppose is work, school, family, basically everything but friends – it sucks dealing with erratic people.

If a person is persistently grumpy, you sympathise or come into the room guarded for the worse, if someone is consistently calm and friendly, you gravitate towards them and are more inclined to help them in a pinch. But either way you know where you stand. Unless, there is the token passive-aggressive. Oh my god. Then it fucking sucks. Especially for me, for you see, I don’t pick up on nuances.

I once flirted with a man for ten minutes before my dad took me aside and told me my future lover was gay. So subtly and me, not good. When you add a passive-aggressive person to my lack of subtlety cocktail why then, it’s painful to watch and could be made into a television series that lasts for ten years.

Inconsistency is awesome when you get lost in the middle of the night with your friends or you discover a love of peking duck pancakes but on a day to day basis, it kinda sucks ass.

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  • Ayoub says:

    I emailed Coastermatic about my cocrnen and they’ve been super helpful! I realize there are resolution constraints but I do agree that this should be addressed a bit better. The coasters on the video look amazing and again, even though I understand that there are limitations, I just felt it was a bit misleading. Adding a gallery of customer images and high-res close-ups is a great idea!

  • […] She then created a persona, a story, a bizarre fashion style, an album and an audience. And stuck to her guns. So far there hasn’t been a break in her concept and if there’s anything I love, it’s consistency. […]

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