Look after your art

January 25th, 2010 § 1 comment

© www.oldpictures.com (I kid you not)

© www.oldpictures.com (I kid you not)

I’ve been going to a lot of museums this past couple of months and I’ve noticed that some* photographs made around 200 years ago aren’t necessarily good per se. They just withstood the test of time and are now being shown around the world.

The images that we consider landmarks in our history shape our consciousness because they weren’t destroyed or lost and were eventually recognised for what they’re worth. So take note. Back up your shit. Make double copies. Whatever you put your soul into, make sure there isn’t only one copy in the world. Give a carbon copy to your Mum in case there’s a fire in your house. Do whatever you can. The next three generations down the track might love you for it, even if the only one seeing your art right now is you.

After enough time has passed, your photograph stops being an image of a woman in a red dress (shameless Matrix reference) and starts becoming a representation of your era. You’re instantly capturing how you view this world in this time, it’s hard to take such a big step back from everyday situations when you’re in it, but 2, 20 or 200 years on, it’s damn well fascinating.

I have a Western Digital drive that has two drives and Time Machine set up. What do you use to protect what you love to do?

*I say some in italics to prevent tomatoes being thrown at computer screens and general booing as you read this on your couch.

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