(Kinda) First exhibition

May 4th, 2010 § 2 comments

It’s nothing to get excited about, I don’t really classify this as my first exhibition. It’s for the International Photographic Society (IPS) of the World Bank and IMF. In my mind it can’t be my first exhibition because I only had one image out of the whole show!

I’ve joined the IPS group for a portrait session and entered one of their monthly competitions. The photo below of Alyanna was one of the photos chosen for the exhibit so I got it printed and matted, very exciting stuff, especially when the printing was done by National Geographic. I floated with glee into the underbelly of the Nat Geo building.

The IPS is a great group of people. One of their photographers, Dirk Mevis, is absolutely amazing and cleaned up the awards. You should check him out.

Sexy high tech iPhone photos, right?

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