New York Pizza and Funnel Cake

May 31st, 2010 § 5 comments

I love how my friends have all whole-heartedly embraced my quest for American novelties. I’ve been given peeps and attended keg parties (video coming soon). Love, love, love my mates; I say it here because I’m emotionally awkward when I’m face to face.

The above is funnel cake, which is this thick standard flour/milk/egg batter that’s deep fried and then covered in icing sugar. Got it with Stacey and Todd. The funnel part is pretty simple, the batter is poured through a funnel into the hot oil to create the interlace pattern. I loved the oily goodness but can’t imagine eating a huge one, the monotone flavour is a bit much. But hey, at least I can replicate the carnival food later on!

Check out my New York pizza slice! The one in the picture is called a “magic square” and I had it at Nonna Apa in the Lower East side of New York. Side note: I hated the touristy spots of NYC but loved Lower East side. It really changed my perception of the city. A good Chinatown will make me swoon. Most people buy tshirts in New York, I left with baby bok choy, scallions and aloe vera juice.

I was slightly disappointed about the pizza. New Yorkers keep on banging on about how unique the pizza is up there (down here meaning D.C) so I expected different flavours to jump around in my mouth but when I took my first bite, there was nothing…I liked it, it was crispy and the sauce was good but I’ve had better.

Please don’t stab me New Yorkers.

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