No.1 is crossed off!

May 23rd, 2010 § 1 comment

My biggest thing to do in America was to shoot a gun.

T’was my birthday last Saturday and Wendell surprised me with a trip to the shooting range. At first he told me we were going sky diving and I was so shattered and disappointed (see: rolling around in bed with a sad face) that he confessed to what I knew all along. I was going shooting, bitches.

I act all tough in retrospect but the truth is, I wore my skull and crossbones belt to the range but felt so intimidated by all the pro shooters that I quickly put my cardigan over my “hardcore” accessory.

We were only in the range for an hour but that was enough. I bet if I was shooting at moving things it would have been more exciting but then I wouldn’t have felt nearly as good afterwards – my hit rate would have been lowered. The gun was heavy! I was looking forward to having the gun recoil when I fired a shot but no such luck. I’m all into bruises that I can show off but it’s all good.

And to top it all off, we went to Komi for dinner. Hmm. I can still taste some of the courses and plan on at a minimum, mastering the goat shoulder recipe.

This was my first go at collecting audio and photos. I plan on buying Soundslide, the demo below worked like a treat.

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