I miss my comfort blanket

June 15th, 2010 § 3 comments

Hola from Lima, Peru.

It´s the second day of the four month adventure. And I fucking miss the internet. I’ve been using my smart phone as a distraction, as a form of entertainment and as a comfort blanket whenever I’m nervous or stressed. And when it´s gone, I’m frustrated. Bit of a hot mess, actually.

Which brings me to waking up an hour earlier than needed to google the lifespan of a crab on a slow computer in the hotel’s business center.

Um, what?

Well, I’m so used to having instant information gratification that when it´s gone (a.k.a paying $20 per megabyte) I go a little crazy.

I tried to check my email three times yesterday, facebook and twitter once and the temperature twice.  I missed Yelp when we had to pick a place for dinner.

There was crab on the menu for dinner and I wasn´t sure if they were being over-fished. And I just needed to know, right then and there, the population of crabs in the ocean. It stayed in my head like an itch so here I am, some 12 hours later, googling in Spanish. Turns out they’re not completely over-fished but like anything else in the ocean, levels are generally low.

– Rant over, holiday stuff starts here. –

I was a bit (ok, devestatingly) sad to be leaving the States. It’s funny as fuck, really. I spent the first year wishing I would leave and moaning about  and then in the last three months I find the best friends in the world and it was this big rush to spend as much time with them as possible.

A handful of people changed my whole perspective on a country, amazing isn’t it?

So the first half of my trip there was plenty of sad faces and long sighs on my end. And then I did some yoga, tried to stay present and it’s getting better, although there’s still things that make me laugh/get sad: exaggerated fist bites, people asking what the time is (1962!) and drinking beer.

Spent the majority of yesterday travelling down to Peru. The in-laws surprised us at the stop over in Panama City, was a blast to see them a little bit earlier than planned.

Lima was quite gloomy but we walked around a little. I spotted all of these old cameras in a market and almost died with excitement but I couldn’t go ape shit on the purchases one day in! Dinner was ok, it was a hotel recommendation and quite frankly, I’ve had better Peruvian food in Maryland.

Off to Arequipa in a couple of hours. But I just had to visit you, internet, and make sure you’re ok since our recent seperation. I miss you, you look good. Now can we kiss and make up?

§ 3 Responses to I miss my comfort blanket"

  • Tash says:

    I’m sorry Sheri. You may strangle me when you get to Sydney, after at least three glasses of scotch.

    ZAC!!! That is all.

  • Sharifa Rebeira says:

    Tell me your coming through Dubai at least for ONE day?? In case your not, who do i strangle, you or K man?

  • Zac says:

    TASH!!! Phenomenal blog. Good to hear you’ve successfully made it to Lima. Enjoy the world.

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