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We visited Iguazu Falls, which was absolutely beautiful. It’s 275 falls over 2.7 kms. You cross on walkways over little rivers that lead up to the falls and the place was practically empty during high season. Bliss.

The height of the biggest drop is 82 meters. It’s pictured below and is called the Devil’s Throat. Niagara Falls, you ain’t got shit on this.

It was a real pleasure coming here straight after walking through Machu Picchu. To see old, man-made in Nature and then just Nature untouched.

We stayed in Buenos Aires for three days, where I put back on all the weight I lost on the Inca Trail. The food there is delish, never had a bad meal. And I ate completely vegetarian on the first day and ate practically only meat on the last. Best. Steak. Ever. I’m sorry to say that it was better than what I had in Brasil. And the desserts, oh, the desserts.


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This was a brief affair. A couple of days in Rio but enough to watch Brasil vs Netherlands in the World Cup.

Wendell got a an injured left knee a week after the Inca Trail, which was quite odd. I realised that Portugese has nothing in common with Spanish and even less so with English. There was a lot of quizzical looks.