Half way through

August 29th, 2010 § 2 comments

So we’ve been travelling for two months now, halfway through our trip. I meet people that are floating through countries for one week and feel I’m doing the impossible, then I meet people that perpetually travel for six months at stretch and marvel at their level of detachment from normal life.

I haven’t had so little to think about since university holidays, except this time I’m making concrete steps and research, as opposed to when I dreamt of being a foreign correspondent while playing God of War 2.

I have stopped dreaming of my World Bank office. Now it’s all camera lens, fractured conversations and scotch. I haven’t found good scotch anywhere so I sometimes dream about downing a glass with friends. Hope that doesn’t mean D.C has turned me into an alcoholic.

There are days when we both feel down about not creating, Wendell with coding and concoting ideas for telecommunication domination and myself with world domination in general. So we spend a day in, even if it means not plodding the streets of Venice. Our brains need to feel productive or we go a little stir crazy.

If we’re going to do another extensive trip, I’m bringing my chef knife. We don’t stay at a place that has a kitchen too often but I miss my knife every time a paring knife bounces off a tomato.

I need new underwear. After being hand washed, machine washed and run through the wringer, what was once a size small Victoria’s Secret is now a large not-so-secret huge wedgie. Literally a pain in the arse. Clothes in Europe are expensive. It’s the only time I’m jealous of the over-loaded backpacking women with three dresses and matching shoes.

When I practice yoga, I notice that my calves, hip joints and hamstrings are tighter by walking all day but my hip flexors, shoulders and neck are more loose because I’m not sitting at a desk for any amount of time.

Italians talk too loud. I can never tell if they’re fighting or talking.

Carbohydrates are the cheapest thing to eat. I’m afraid I won’t look at bread again once I’m back.

The greatest luxury is getting my clothes washed by a beautiful lady, having them sun-dried and wearing them with the trace of a softener that smells like perfume.

I found a video on vimeo, it’s 29 strangers giving their opinions about other strangers. Very interesting to see how we all differ. I love creative, relatively simple shit like this that makes you think twice.

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