Thanks sis! From Paris, with love

August 25th, 2010 § 1 comment

My polar opposite and extremely fashionable sister sent an express-post dress to D.C with the specific instructions to wear it in Paris. So here you are Rosh, I even wore (my definition of) make up. And it didn’t matter at all that it started raining right after this photo was taken, cause my little sister is awesome. Awh, now let’s all puke.

I felt so awkward in front of the camera. There are so many bad photos in the Lightroom bin. For someone that points the camera at others, I felt so unnatural at the other end.

Definitely not a natural model, this one.

Thanks Roshin! You’re the best!

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  • Roshin says:

    awwww… how sweet. This picture is exactly what I imagined when I saw it in the store. I think I’m going to cry…
    Geez I’m such a good sister!

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