Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! It’s a quiet one for me this time, all my Halloween-themed things are in boxes so just imagine I’m writing this dressed as a Stepford Wife.

BUT! This time last year, I was carving pumpkins and getting my hands dirty with the Johnsons and Mastrangelos.

Today I made pancakes and poached eggs for ten people, a usual breakfast occurrence, I had some friends I’ve known for half my life drop in on a second’s notice and witnessed my brother do his last night as a barman, dressed as Spiderman. The great thing was, he was hot as fuck underneath the suit but refused to take off the mask for aesthetics. Yup, we’re related.

I’ve been working on my portfolio, I’m really excited about it. I’ve also been researching photographers in Sydney that I want to work with. Practicing yoga and eating über healthy is heart-warming. I tried to meditate without any audio guidance the other day, it was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while. Longest twenty minutes of my life. I shall keep it up, if only to see if it improves.

My 16 year old Beiber-loving sister painted my nails black. Hello and have a blast tonight!

Back to normal life

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Downtown Sydney feels different, as if I visited here ten years ago.

As I walk through the streets, I can remember spending hours in the botanical gardens and restaurants where I ate with friends. And good coffee. Good coffee everywhere.

But, I feel different.

I took a photo of a man covered from head to toe in campy Australian flags and when he asked where I was from, I didn’t know what to say.

When I was in America, my answer was succinct, distinct.

I am Australian. I’ve lived in the country for 16 odd years. The bulk of my memories are in Australia. But now…I’m an Australian with an American accent? It really doesn’t make any sense.

I romanticised this city. Everything here is more expensive than I remembered. Perhaps I’ve lost touch with the creative pulse.

It’s different. I’m different. And we’re just getting to know each other again.

But I can’t really say I miss D.C. Because when I was in D.C I missed Sydney. So now what? I just miss?

There’s a Buddhist haiku that is exactly how I feel:

Even though I’m in Kyoto,
when the kookoo cries,
I long for Kyoto.
– Issa