John Lennon

November 9th, 2010 § 14 comments

I love that man.

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  • Un sujet si grave … moi, batave, ça me fait rigoler: chez nous, la retraite est à 65 ans. Peu de temps avant les législatives du 9 juin, employeurs et syndicats se sont mis dâccord pour la porter à 66 ans d’ici 2020, et à 67 ans en 2025. Alors effectivement, vos 62 ans me font rigoler.

  • Podesta · The results claimed by ShopSavvy are very iffy. For one thing, the developer admits ignoring the numbers for the paid version of the app he also sells in the App Store. He just counted the free version for iOS and compared it to results for the Android app.

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    Thanks for the comment Colin. I’d say it is quite difficult to just put a band like Federation in a box and just label their style of music, and the more they produce I guess the harder it will get depending on what they do. A great example of this would be Lab4 – Industrial Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance…?

  • Great Article Jef. The Cardinals defense definitely looked good against the Pats. Who would have thought the Cardinals would be 2-0 without much production from Fitz?

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    Oerhört fint! Mycket glad över att det finns människor som dig Johan. Allt man hör nu för tiden är att generera maxim…

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    I don't think it's fair to include Naselle Ridge or Abernathy Mountain when you are comparing peak gusts to Sandy, unless you compare them to places like Mt. Washington in the Northeast. Nevertheless, this storm was definitely stronger than the NWS expected it to be. Kind of reminds me of the December 1-3 Great Coastal Gale, although not quite that bad.

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    So glad I got the chance to read this (in the hotel right now). You did an excellent job with such a creepy and loaded subject. I can’t imagine being the police who find those bodies and first went through those house. Or the psychiatrists who studied Gein. I do think it’s interesting that so many diabolical characters were created from one truly sick individual.

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  • That kind of thinking shows you’re on top of your game

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