Things I said I’ll never do, but glad I did

February 4th, 2011 § 2 comments

People often know me for having strong, severe stances on things. Thus, when I change my mind – I never hear the end of it. But I don’t care. There’s nothing more boring than a person never changing their mind and staying exactly the same.

Thus, I present to you some of the biggest things I’ve changed my mind about.

  1. Date a Sri Lankan: This was for obvious reasons. Firstly, I don’t eat curry, secondly, Sri Lankans tend to be secular, thirdly, well, how can I put this, you don’t hear “what an attractive Sri Lankan” that often.
    Why I’m glad I changed: Well, the one exception to the rule, I’m still with him and let me tell you, apart from the sometimes awkward moment when he tries to kiss me after chowing down rice and curry, we actually get along.

  3. Eat Burgers: Believe it or not, dear reader, up until the age of 16 I despised burgers of all kinds, from McDonalds to the gourmet shit you get at fancy restaurants. I distinctly remember my Dad trying to force feed me a cheeseburger at a stop over on the way to the Entrance.
    Why I’m glad I changed:
    Do I really need to explain this one? A good burger is my version of Nirvana. A little garlic aioli, spanish onion, baby spinach and a solid piece of mince. My claim is that my huge consumption now is trying to make up for all the years lost. Same applies for: eating rare steaks.

  5. Visiting the States: I always demonised the States. It’s easy when McDonalds infiltrated our country and we watched from afar the war that was started after 9/11. Three little words showed the worst version of Americans: George. W. Bush.
    Why I’m glad I changed:
    Disclaimer: I hated my first year in the States. Goes to show how stubborn I can be. I spent so much time looking backwards at what I left behind in Australia that I didn’t see all the friends I had in front of me. Now I miss the States, in a crazy head-over-heels kind of way. I don’t want to say it’s the center of the universe, but you can get important shit done there with less effort and things are cheaper (because labour is cheap). You know how there’s that idea that Americans think the world revolves around them? Well, it rubs off after a while and I began thinking the same way. It’ll be interesting to see if I think the same way in a year.

  7. Get Married/Change my Last Name: You may not have realised this one (and if you haven’t, get your head checked) but I am a proud feminist. From the age of ten I was swearing that I would never get married. Invest in a ritual that was created so that men could have multiple wives and multiple kids? Support the fact that only heterosexual couples can get married in Australia? I don’t want to be a part of that. As for changing my last name, when hell freezes over. I wanted my potential spouse to change his last name.
    Why I’m glad I changed:
    Well, I really like my fiance. I know it’s important to him that we get married and as long as this means we’re not popping out a kid, I’m ok with it. We negotiated on the last name thing two years ago on a delayed plane to Melbourne. If we don’t get married in a church, I’ll take his last name. Done deal. I chose the lesser of two evils, ha ha. Seriously, he has a cool last name, just as difficult to spell as mine, but once you’ve got it down pact, it rolls off the tongue. Dad, if you’re reading this, I still love Jayasinghe.

  9. Wear make up: See above feminist rant. Apply it to the make up industry. I’ll only be happy when men start wearing make up and we start shaving our faces. I write this sarcastically, but there’s a thin layer of truth in it.
    Why I’m glad I changed:
    I look fucking good in red lipstick.

What have you changed your mind on? Be proud!

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  • Tash says:

    That book sound really interesting. As always, thanks for the comment. I’m dying to read this book as well: The Brain That Changes Itself. You might be interested in it as well.

    If only we were as lucky as Germany and had an Amazon site. :)

  • Gary says:

    Great list and great sentiment. Sticking to old ideas is … old. Kind of relates to this book I am reading
    Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. Both your post and this book remind me never to say never : )

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