Megan’s Health Tips

August 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

My beautiful, boisterous friend Megan Johnson got really sick last year. For practically three months. She started to feel better after eating healthier options and there’s such a positive change in her life. I’m so proud of her.

Sometimes I'm not the best influence on Megan! Straw up her nose!

These are the easiest health switches I’ve found. I hope this helps her. And You.

    • Join a local farmer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). A what? You basically give a local farmer $30 or so a week for a bag full of their freshest produce. It’s great because you save time at the farmers market and get introduced to all of this seasonal stuff you would never have tried. That’s how kale and I became BFFs. By you giving all the money up front, the farmer can do great things. My farmers from Bending Bridge Farm could buy a greenhouse for the winter because of the CSA and now offer an a la carte option. I miss them.


    • Add Chai seeds and LSA (Linseed, Sunflower seed and Almond seed meal) to smoothies.


    • When craving sandwiches, add tofu puffs instead of meat as a filler.


    • Use coconut oil when making Asian foods. Then use coconut oil as an after shower moisturiser during winter .


    • Michael Pollan in the Omnivore Dilema said that there isn’t that much nutritional value between organic and “normal” vegetables but there is a big difference between grain and grass fed beef. So splash out on the organic, free-range hormone free, 100% grass fed steak.


    • One of the healthiest people I know said to eat an apple and drink a glass of water half an hour before every meal so you have better portion control.


    • Rose tea is really high in Vitamin C. Brew 1/2 a cup of boiling water with five rose buds until it’s cooled. Take the rose buds out then add to 500ml of iced water. Fancy flavoured water for the win! Add lavender or peppermint for variations.


    • Add a tablespoon of goat cheese or yoghurt to your lentils or soups for protein.


    • Cheese and crackers count as a high protein snack as well.


    • Eat naturally coloured things; a variety of veg.


    •  I found that if I add a tablespoon of yoghurt to my baby spinach smoothies, I can double the spinach amount. Might be worth the experiment.


Feel well soon Meggsie Moo!

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