The day I met the Wiggles

August 24th, 2011 § 2 comments

I don’t often blog about my work, but this is too good not to show you.

I jumped at the chance to work with the Wiggles for Australian Cyclist Magazine.

We rolled up to Hot Potato Studios in the western suburbs of Sydney. Murray walked past us and I nonchalantly said hi.

I was such a silent fan boy.

I even got to pose with them at the end of the shoot! It’s at the last couple of seconds of the vid.


In the first or second year of being in Australia, my Dad took us out to see the Wiggles at Martin Place.

It was kinda awesome. I sang along, I’ll admit that.

Then afterwords, the Wiggles changed into normal clothes and walked straight past us.

Dad said ” How cool, man. This is what I like about Australia. You can be on stage then jump off and everyone respects your privacy.” I was six at the time and didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about. It makes sense now.

Of course, I was way too embarrassed to tell Anthony or Jeff any of this when I saw them 19 years later. I just stood there with a dumb happy look on my face as I shook their hands.

If you like this behind the scenes photography shit, you should check out the studio commercial blog. I man it, and it’s pretty hot.

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  • Tash says:

    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve sent you some content. Thanks for the compliment.

  • JESSIE HEUER says:

    I love this and all the photos and video! I love the Wiggles. I especially like Anthony, the blue wiggle…but I truly LOVE THEM ALL!
    Would you all mind contacting me….by email? I have some questions to ask you about adversing you magazine on my Anthony site and also about the use of a couple photos. Your help would be appreciated!!!

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