Swimming with wild dolphins

January 2nd, 2012 § 1 comment

While we were in Hawaii we made an effort to go swimming with wild dolphins. Largely because the last time we tried it was in a little dingy on the waves of Zanzibar. I spewed five times in the span of an hour and Wendell felt so bad he proposed.

This time, we were in a bigger boat. We were dropped a couple of kilometers away from the island and started swimming towards dolphin pods. There’s nothing like looking down into the ocean and seeing pod after pod of dolphins flash past you. We could hear their clicks of speech. It was amazing.

Our snorkelling leader explained that dolphins have a protective layer that stops bacteria. When humans touch dolphins, that layer gets removed. Dolphins at Sea World etc be on antibiotics their whole lives because of this.

I find dolphins particularly moving after watching the Cove. I’m not one for cutesy dolphin tattoos and stuffed toys, this documentary really opened up my eyes to how we treat the animal that everyone thinks of quite fondly.

I’m inspired by the Hawaiian people. They take it on themselves to save their culture and environment. There’s a real pride in their feeling of responsibility. I admire that.

We’re half made of water. We can always do more for the ocean.

I’m thinking about more that I can do.

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