The Feminine and I

March 22nd, 2012 § 3 comments § permalink

I need more feminine in my life. I just came back from a kitchen tea, which I recently found out is a bachelorette party where you buy kitchen items for the bride and drink tea.

I was resistant to the event. My track record with women-only meetings haven’t been the greatest.

At first I went on auto-pilot. I wanted to hide in the bathroom for the majority of the event, which is, if I’m frank, my default in an awkward social situation.

Everything was twinkling, tinkling, sparkling pink, beautifully coifed hair and sunset views of Sydney. It was too perfect. What if I made a sex joke? (Again, another default)

Half way through my version of hell, the sister of the bride gave a speech. She thanked everyone for coming and said

“As women, it’s such a rarity that we can come together to celebrate and support each other.”

A switch went out in my head.

I’m a proclaimed feminist and yet I was being sexist.

I had stereotyped these women as being defined by their motherhood. I let it go and started seeing them as people.

Granted, there was a lot of children and baby talk. But once I allowed myself to see past that, we started talking about our careers, our goals. Our love of salad bowls. It all mixed into this balanced, strong female energy. Something I had previously thought impossible. Independence. Balance. Passion.

The thing is, it’s probably been there all along. I’ve talked to these women for years. But it was the first time I saw them as people. And I’m grateful. It fills me with hope about my place in the world.

Kona, Hawaii, © Tash Keuneman

Kona, Hawaii, © Tash Keuneman