Changing opinions

July 16th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

There are so many things that I loved five years ago that I can’t stand now.

I tried reading the sequel to Fear of Flying, a novel that I adored, and I found the sequel whiny and self-indulgent. Yes, there was a woman masturbating in the first couple of pages. No, it’s not as good a read as you think it would be. She was bored. I was bored.

The 90’s film Reality Bites had a convoluted plot:¬†Winona Ryder’s character makes a documentary about her friends and gets upset when MTV edits it down to banal drool. Rather than demand a better edit, she storms out and breaks up her with her sweet, successful, normal boyfriend. She runs into the arms of a dropkick friend that occasionally treats her like shit and they move in together. Take that Corporate¬†America! The end. Note: the soundtrack is still really good.

I loathed re-visiting these books and films.

I guess this means I’m happier. I expect better things from myself and others. I’m more aware that as a documentary maker, you have a say and can change things. Same thing applies for sex: have a say, change things. It’s progress.

Do you have films, books and music that you loved but abhor now?