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I love hanging out with people I adore. But I prefer being silent, introspective, alone.

I feel like I get more things done, I’m more creative and original.

I inhabit my own being.

I’m realising that one weakness of mine is I’m too empathetic. I want to please. My aim is to help. Sometimes (often) at my detriment.

But I’m learning to stand my own ground. Feel strong within my roots.

Work from a place of strength.

Say No.

Find (and stay) in peace.

My translator

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Ship Song Project

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Grateful for August

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Starting a flickr page so I’m motivated to create more images. –  Noticing that my goals and my life aren’t all that different. –  Making my Sydney to-dos list. – I’m grateful that all my friends in D.C are safe after a hurricane and earthquake. Phew. – Getting a dining table. Using said dining table as a study. – Meeting the Wiggles! – Mind Maps – Discovering the best Persian Restaurant in the World. – Spring! Even if it means I have a perpetually blocked nose. – Creating Lightroom Presets.-  Panadol. Keeping Tash’s fever down since 1/8/2011. I had bronchitis. It was not pretty.  

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Back handed compliment

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Him: Together we’ll make one good person.
Me: Why, because you think long term and I think short term?
Him: No, because I think a lot and you get things done.

Thanks love.

Johnny Cash – Hurt

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Sydney To-Dos

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Yes, I haven’t been blogging that much. Mike Jones mentioned it and it’s blatantly true.

I could talk about the stress lameness of moving back to your home town. How everyone already has an outline of whom you are as a person and what your role is in their lives. Or how I’ve been deeply insecure about my creativity to the point where it froze me for a couple of months (maybe half a year). Or I could talk about how much I hate Glee.

But I don’t want to do that, it’s depressive shit.

I’d rather have fun with you.

Grow with you. Laugh a little.

So my solution is this: I’ll treat Sydney (and by extension, myself) like a tourist. With fresh eyes.

This is what I’m going to accomplish:

  • Eat kangaroo.
  • Write. Put more of myself out there, more often. Not really Sydney-specific but very important.
  • Get a cheesy photo with a Koala
  • Ride the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park
  • Take a walking tour around Sydney
  • Go to a footy/afl game and drink beer and eat junk
  • Learn to Surf
  • Ride my bike on George St (the busiest street in Sydney)
  • Eat a bloody great steak
  • See something, anything at the Opera House